If you want to do an internship in Cape Verde through Intercambios, you will generally follow the procedure outlined below:

Create a Profile

The candidate intern creates a profile through the platform and agrees to the terms and conditions.

Respond to Internship Vacancy

The intern responds to an internship vacancy by submitting a motivation letter and accompanying documents as requested during registration.


Intercambios receives and evaluates the intern’s motivation and documents for completeness and appropriateness.

Contact with Intern

Intercambios contacts the intern for further coordination. Involvement and any potential internship requirements from the educational institution are determined.


When there is a sufficient match, Intercambios presents the motivation to the internship provider.

Introduction of Candidate Intern and Internship Provider

Intercambios facilitates an online introduction between the candidate intern and the internship provider. Following this, the match is finalized when both the candidate intern and the internship provider express their intention to proceed with the internship program. If necessary, a positive assessment from the educational institution is also required.

Guidance and Preparation

Intercambios will guide the intern in making preparations (language and culture, visa, travel and transfers, accommodation, contact person, local information, etc.) for their upcoming departure to Cape Verde. This will be based on a checklist and a recap of the agreements provided to the intern by Intercambios beforehand and confirmed by the intern (and educational institution).

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