Who is Intercambios for?

Intercambios aims to remove barriers in knowledge exchange. The platform makes it easier to find a suitable exchange opportunity. Our team then assists in matching supply and demand. We cater to various target groups, including:

Student Interns

Students from vocational, higher education, and university levels who are required to complete internships as part of their studies are warmly invited to apply for exciting internship opportunities in Cape Verde.


Graduates have the opportunity to work on their graduation assignments in a unique environment, contributing not only to their personal development but also making a significant impact on the development of Cape Verde.


Vele handen maken licht werk! Kaapverdië ontvangt graag vrijwilligers die een handje helpen in de vooruitgang. Professionals die vrijwilligerswerk willen doen worden uitdrukkelijk gevraagd om ook te kijken onder de mogelijkheden voor professionals.


For years, professionals from sectors such as education, healthcare, and water management have been going to Cape Verde to contribute to the country’s future. Expertise and skills that the country lacks are brought through this avenue. As a professional, you become enriched by the experience.

Until the fall of 2023, our primary focus is on student interns and graduates. We are doing this in the form of a pilot to thoroughly test the platform’s functionality. After successfully concluding the pilot, we will also extend our efforts to serve other target groups.

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