Who we are

Since 2008, Intercambios International Foundation has been dedicated to the development of Cape Verde through exchange projects and knowledge transfer. We act as a bridge builder and matchmaker by facilitating internships, graduation projects, minors, and volunteer work in Cape Verde. In this process, the concept of TOGETHER is a significant driving force. The bridge is constructed from both sides, each with a vested interest in making the crossing. It’s no coincidence that we use the slogan “together we build bridges.”

The connection to and love for Cape Verde are deeply ingrained in Intercambios’ DNA. From this affection, we work with determination and perseverance to create a social and economic bridge between the Netherlands and Cape Verde. In this endeavor, our focus is on the following points:

  1. Ensuring access to appropriate education for everyone.
  2. Attracting and retaining local talents in Cape Verde.
  3. Enabling anyone who sees opportunities to seize them.
  4. Encouraging government investment in entrepreneurship.
  5. Promoting continuity and diversity in entrepreneurship.

Currently, Intercambios operates solely with volunteers. The driving force behind the organization is a board of third-generation Cape Verdeans, supported by volunteers who hold a strong affection for Cape Verde.

Fiscal Council
Artemisia Araujo
Jose Evora

Foundation board
Margarida de Lege Silva Mendes – President
Vanda Pires Lima – Treasurer
Erique da Cruz – Secretary
Edna Moniz – Member of the general council Netherlands

Project members
Isaura Frances Rocha
Aldina Delgado

Cape Verde project members
Oliver Fortes Ana Paula Brito

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