Internship in Cape Verde

An internship is an ideal way to gain experience in your future field of work. Relevant work experience holds great value on your resume and sets you apart in the job market.

At Intercambios, we assist you in finding your ideal internship opportunity in Cape Verde, tailored to your field of study. Additionally, we guide you in making the necessary preparations to ensure that your journey to and stay in Cape Verde becomes an unforgettable experience.

Depending on the requirements of your education, you may participate full-time in the daily operations and carry out concrete tasks for your internship company. This is referred to as an operational internship. Of course, it’s also possible to partially immerse yourself in a department while having the opportunity to work on an internship or graduation project.

Internship for Vocational Students

An internship is the ideal form of practical vocational training. During your internship, you apply everything you’ve learned in school to real-world scenarios. This equips you to enter the job market confidently after completing your vocational education. As a vocational student, you’re allowed to do an internship abroad only at an accredited training company. Through Intercambios, you can rest assured that your future internship location meets the necessary requirements, as we coordinate with SBB in this regard.

Internship for Bachelor’s Students

Throughout your education, you’re being prepared as effectively as possible for your future work environment. Therefore, gaining work experience in the industry through an internship is crucial. Apply the knowledge, techniques, and skills you’ve acquired in real business settings. Develop yourself and gain international experience beyond your country’s borders!

Internship for Master’s Students

Students pursuing a master’s degree are often not obligated to complete an internship. Many universities base graduation on a thesis or research project.
However, an increasing number of master’s students choose to undertake an internship, either during or after completing their studies. Through Intercambios, you have the opportunity to do an internship or research project in Cape Verde.

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